Slate thin by Design MWM

You can choose between different kinds of panels made out of slate. These different panels are called Slate Lite decor natural stone, Decor Eco Stone natural stone or Genuine stone decor translucent. With These several types, all in best quality, you can create a fascinating living and residential atmosphere. Especially the panels out of translucent natural stone are a highlight for residental atmosphere. The panels are light- transmitting. With light sources you can create your individual light effects.
All panels are made out of genuine stone. That means, that mother nature built them within thousands of years. Every panel has its individual structure and is unique. With panels made out of genuine slate you improve your flat with the power of nature. Without risks for health.

Slate panels are highly variable. In fact they can be used for decorating floorboards, walls and even doors or ceilings.
But panels made out of natural slate are not just able to decorate your flat, but you can also use them outdoor. How about decorating parts of your facade with slate panels? Even translucent slate can be used for decorating facades or elements in your own garden.

Don´t worry, processing with these panels is quite simple. Panels made out of genuine slate have an insulation effect and furthermore these panels are fire-resisting. And all these efforts just with the force of mother nature.
Of course the panels are weatherproof. Rain, snow and hail are no problem for these panels used outdoor.
MWM Design brings quality to your living area. For your family just highest quality is enough!

Panels made out of genuine slate compose a fascinating backdrop for your family life. Friends will envy you with this natural and variable building material.

Genuine Slate cut in wafer-thin panels, with its unique surface may give your flat an impression of fascinating world´s history. By using Slate panels made by MWM Design you are able to link the past with present tense. And of course with decorating your home or your exterior with panels made out of slate you will lay the foundation for a impressing future in an extraordinary but natural way.

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